Hi! Welcome to my site!

My name is Lauren Miller. I'm a 26 year old animal lover. I have 3 cats: Pandora, Hurley and Lilly, I have a chinchilla: Berry, a tolerant husband: Vince and my wonderful in-laws: Doreene and John who care for our dogs: Moe and Lu.

My site is named after my cat, Pandora, whom I adopted from the Humane Society on January 7th, 2010 which also happens to be my birthday. I am a huge believer that sometimes things are just meant to be. I was supposed to adopt another cat from a rescue in California when the adoption fell through. I decided to go and look at the local Humane Society and after looking at all the kitties I felt defeated because I didn't connect with any of them... The last room I went to the same thing happened until I got to the last cage where Pandora sat waiting for me. We had that instant connection and I knew she was meant to be my girl.

In addition to loving animals, I also love photography, traveling, books and good movies.

I hope everyone enjoys my photography and my posts. Thanks for visiting!



Disclaimer: Please do not use my pictures without my permission. Thank you.